How to Fix Code 32

A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)


The start type for this driver is set to disabled in the registry.


the driver for this device. If this does not work, you might have to change the device start type parameter in the registry.

Uninstall and reinstall the driver

Uninstall the driver from Device Manager, and then scan for new hardware to install the driver again.

You may be prompted to provide the path of the driver. Windows may have the driver built-in, or may still have the driver files installed from the last time that you set up the device. However, sometimes, it will open the New Hardware Wizard which may ask for the driver. If you are asked for the driver and you do not have it, you can try to download the latest driver from the hardware vendor’s Web site.

1. On the device Properties dialog box, click the Driver tab, and then click Uninstall. Follow the instructions.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Open Device Manager, click Action, and then click Scan for hardware changes. Follow the instructions.
Change the start type in the Registry

This content is designed for an advanced computer user.

As a last resort, you can edit the registry directly if the driver is required, and if reinstalling or upgrading does not work. Change the start type inside the registry by using Registry Editor.

Recommended resolution:

Keeping up with the many updates that a computer needs to stay healthy can be bery tricky for the casual computer owner. Your computer has many different pieces of the software as well as physical components—updating them individually would require a significant lay-out of time and effort. Enter LionSea’s Driver Tuner. Driver Tuner is designed to be examined your hardware components, determine what drivers are required for them, and then be able to locate and install them, all without much input from the user.

Driver Tuner
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All in all, DriverTuner does what it says it does, and does it quickly and easily. If your computer lacks any built-in tools for updating its drivers, something many computer manufacturers now include, it will get the job done. We wish it had some sort of system for rolling back changes you make to your system, but aside from that, DriverTuner is a solid piece of software.

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1. Donwload and Install Drivertuner.
2. Scanning your outdated drivers.
3. Updating your drivers.